The team

  • Tony Fish
    Tony FishMarketing Director

    I am a Strategic Online Marketing Professional, specialising in Online Marketing, Social Media and Paid Search. With nearly 20 years online marketing experience, I am considered by many to be a search engine marketing guru and website optimisation specialist.

    I speak widely on the subject of SEO and deliver technical workshops and seminars across the UK. An experienced business advisor, I ensure that digital solutions fit the overall business strategy, and deliver a real, tangible and measurable ROI.

  • Craig Winstanley
    Craig WinstanleyTechnical Director

    I have been creating bespoke online systems for local companies from an early age, starting with my high school’s intranet, then moving onto hosting websites of friends and charitable organisations. From there I moved onto bigger companies where I produced internal management systems and bespoke payment platforms. I use a range of tools to monitor uptime and availability along with providing stable hosting platforms which provide 100% application uptime.

    Specialities: Zend Framework, Object Oriented PHP Development, Application Design, Server Management, Database Management, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Linux, Subversion, Git, Nomadix, Nagios, NodeJS, Magento, Ajax, WordPress.

  • Ant Wilcock
    Ant WilcockCreative Director

    I have been a graphic designer working professionally for over 20 years. Throughout my career I have relished learning how to communicate across different types of media. In the early days while studying for a degree in fine art, I used whatever medium was necessary to communicate the idea. This saw me move into areas traditionally classed as design – which is where I formed a love of design for both online and offline media.

    I enjoy the process of learning new technologies and the tools required to develop them, and have carried this curiosity through to my professional career.

    During my varied career I have worn many hats: Creative, Front-End Developer, Project Manager, Studio/Web Design Manager, Videographer, Creative manager.